So we’ve officially lived here in Cheyenne for a month, and we love it, only thing is, how do you handle these crazy Wyoming winds?  

I’ve noticed the usual response when I make a comment about these crazy gusty winds is “Welcome to Wyoming!”  I'm quickly learning that that response usually means, get used to the winds!  I know that those Wyoming winds can be a little brutal, including last night where we were tossing and turning all night long because things were tossing and turning outside with those winds whipping through the neighborhood, knocking down the trash cans and howling right outside of the bedroom window.  The only positive thing I can think of when it comes to these crazy winds, is that I'll always have an excuse for a bad hair day!

I’m just curious, do you ever get used to these Wyoming winds, and if so, how long did it take you to get used to these winds? 


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