When people in Casper fire up their internet browsers it seems that they are always in search of the hottest new tattoo art, this according to the latest local Google Insights report. Yes, even in the muddy Wyoming spring months, local residents still desire fashionable ink. Oh, that and Whitney Houston...and unemployment.


Here's a breakdown on the most searched terms in Casper, WY over the last 3 months.

Web Search Interests

1. Whitney Houston
2. Copper Mountain
3. Pinterest
4. Unemployment
5. NBA

Image Searches

1. Tattoos
2. Love
3. Prom Dresses
4. Basketball
5. Life Quotes

News Searches

1. Ipad
2. Ron Paul
3. Denver
4. Earthquake
5. Iphone

Product Searches

1. Shoes
2. TV
3. Ipod
4. Amazon
5. Xbox

Do any of these results surprise you? What do you search for on your computer during your free time? Share your searches and comments in the section below.