What does our great state have more per capita then any other state? Estately finds out about a lot of statistics and data to find out state wide information.

According to the map, Wyoming has more people who chew tobacco per capita then any other state... this is what they said about Wyoming :In addition to being home to more tobacco chewers than any other state (9.1%), Wyoming has the most suicides, government workers (over 10%), registered gun owners (19.6%), and people who don’t approve of President Obama (80.7%).

This isn't something to be proud of but with the long history that tobacco and chewing tobacco has in Wyoming it doesn't surprise me.

Photo map from http://blog.estately.com
Photo map from http://blog.estately.com

I think though this number is decreasing compared to what it was, and that is the silver lining here. We do have a lot of cowboys in the cowboy state,


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