Might it be POSSIBLE to create a list gauging American states that doesn't end of picking on Wyoming? We just can't win! Give Wyoming a break, man...

Either way, a condom company by the name of Condomania recently published results from a seemingly unscientific study basing the 50 states by PACKAGE SIZE. The results are varied by how many male adults in every state purchased LARGE-SIZED CONDOMS in 2013.

Men in Wyoming came in near the LAST . . . with the smallest junk in the country. The rest of the bottom 10 are: Hawaii, Arkansas, Montana, North Carolina, Alaska, Missouri, West Virginia, Indiana, and Texas.

On the other end, there's something in the water in the Dakotas. North Dakota came in 1st . . . South Dakota came in 3rd.

The "biggest" top 10 states are: North Dakota, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Washington D.C., Massachusetts, Ohio, Arizona, Alabama, New York, and South Carolina.

(You can review the complete ranking of states in order here.)

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