We have been asking questions since we were kids, Why? When are we going to get there? Are we there yet?... we are inquisitive beings by nature.

Estately breaks out numbers and stats to find out some interesting things about each state. They've done favorite comic book character, food etc. Now we find out what we question the most.

Photo from Estately.com

For other states they have multiple listed more then one question but for Wyoming there was only one question googled way more then any other... and that is "What is Wyoming?"  Wyomingites google what is Wyoming....hmmm interesting.

They used "google autocomplete" to compile some very important data to come up and decipher each states needs and wants.

Now I kind of wonder what I google the most personally? Probably fly fishing stuff or the Pittsburgh Steelers news...

Maybe that is what we will tackle next... What is Wyoming?



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