If you haven't seen the new commercial for the latest in 2-in-1 technology from Microsoft, you most likely will soon. The commercial aired for the first time Monday (April 20th, 2015) for the HP Spectre x360. Although the product itself isn't really anything seemingly new, it was the instrumental music in the background of the commercial that initially caught my attention.

After a few minutes of intensive internet searching, I finally came across the complete track, a song by French DJ and rapper, 20syl called 'Bet Dap Goom Bown' (which I'm almost 100% sure is an anagram of 'Get Down, Boom Bap'). 20syl has quite the resume, remixing hits by heavy-hitters like Kendrick Lamar, Rihanna and Ed Sheeran.

Well kudos to Microsoft... you just made me an international fan of this guys music! Now I should take a look at the tablet. That was what you were trying to sell me, right?

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