Granted, most Americans are keenly sensitive to ethnic backgrounds and origins in today's day and age, but we can't necessarily speak for our ancestors. This just may explain why hundreds of landmarks and towns in America have racist sounding names, including one right here in Wyoming!

(--CAREFUL!  Clearly these words are highly controversial, so proceed with caution.)

#1.)  Squaw - Example: Squaw Valley ski-resort.  While it may seem like an non-offensive name for a Native American female, it was also slang for Indian prostitutes and a certain part of the female genitalia.

#2.)  Negro - Example: Negro Creek, Nevada.  And a lot of towns used to have this offensive term in their name, until it became a word our government finally eliminated from place names.

#3.)  Cripple - Example: Cripple Creek, Colorado. Not only were our great grandparents racist, they were also pretty coldhearted when it came to the handicapped.

#4.)  Polack:  Example: Polack Lake, Michigan.

And finally, a racist sounding city that resides within our state.

#5.)  Wop:  There's a town in Wyoming called Wop Draw.