With the warmer temperatures of spring making their way into Wyoming, now is the time to start those projects around the house.  But if you are doing a remodel or adding on to an existing structure, when do you need to obtain a building permit?

As I am beginning a new project in my home, a neighbor asked if I was going to get a contractor or do it myself.  I mentioned that I was going to hire someone to start the project and I would finish it myself.  He then pointed out that I should make sure that the contractor I hire acquires the proper building permits before he begins working.  Not only a good idea, but something that is required by the city.

Before you start any type of new construction project be sure you get the proper building permits. Even if your plan is for an interior remodel of your residential home, you will need to submit a simple plan that show the basic information of your project and obtain the proper building permit.

The city of Casper requires permits for most building projects with a few exceptions:

Building a tool shed or storage shed, kids playhouse or other small structure under 120 square feet.

Putting up a fence less than 6 foot tall (but you do need to get a fence permit).

Painting, wall papering or other finishing work.

Even if a building permit is not needed for your project, other requirements may apply.  The city of Casper recommends contacting Community Development before starting any project.

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