You would be lying to me, if you told me you didn't like bacon. Unless your vegan, maybe. But, we already knew that, because you make a point to tell us your vegan EVERYDAY. Bacon is truly a gift from the gods. Some would say that bacon is as American as apple pie and baseball. But what state loves bacon the most? Analyst turned to social media to find out. analyzed over 33,000 photos of bacon on Instagram, to figure out their state of origin. Turns out, our "cornhusker" friends in Nebraska love their bacon. So much so, that they post 132% more pictures of bacon than the national average.

Who are the other top bacon loving states?

West Virginia, Iowa, Colorado, Missouri, Connecticut, Alabama, Ohio, Wisconsin and New Hampshire.

What is the anti-bacon state? Hawaii

How much does Wyoming like bacon. Well, according to, we post 23% more photos of bacon on Instagram than the national average. So it is safe to say we love America.