Sure, their music is obscure. They love to take their shirts off and protest for some reasons or another. They prefer their PBR over top shelf drinks. But you know what? Hipsters in Casper, I've concluded, are the special seasoning that makes our city so unique. Love them or hate them, hipsters are here to stay.

However, if your disdain for this breed of anti-fashionable youth is enough to make you pack up and run as far in the opposite direction as you so desire, allow us to suggest a few cities with the least amount of hipsters to quell your passionate hatred.

According to Motovo:

To create a list of the least hipster cities, we first needed to get inside the mind of your average hipster. We scoured the Internet and swapped stories, and came up with a list of criteria that cities needed to become hipster havens. Once we figured out what these criteria were, we turned our findings on its head.

We ranked cities based on the prevalence of these factors.

  • Young people
  • Walkability
  • Bikeability
  • Vintage Stores
  • Dive Bars
  • Vegetarian Restaurants
  • Artsy jobs
  • Vinyl stores

With criteria in hand, we looked at the 30 most populous cities in the country and ranked each cosmo. The final list is based on the average of each criterion.

By Movoto