Summer is a perfect time to kick back with a frosty cool one and get drunk. Then again, so is fall, winter and spring for that matter, don't get it twisted. But summer, yeah man...

There is a company that makes and breathalyzer app for smart phones and they used their data to share some interesting facts on SUMMER INEBRIATION. Here's how Wyoming stacks up against our neighboring states... 

1. When it comes to the drunkest day in Wyoming during the summer, the Fourth of July is number one. July 3rd comes in a close second.

2. The week before the Fourth of July is the drunkest WEEK.

3. The five states that get the drunkest during the summer are: West Virginia . . . Nevada . . . Pennsylvania . . . Connecticut . . . and Nebraska.

4.  And the five states that stay the soberest are:  Kentucky . . . Delaware . . . Utah . . . Missouri . . . and New Mexico.


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