With just a few strokes on a keyboard, I was surprised to find that there are a large number of haunted places across the cowboy state.

But with your help, we want to find out which places you think are most haunted?

Our first two offerings rank high among paranormal investigators most desired research sights.  The Higgins Hotel in Glenrock and the Wonder Bar in Casper, WY.

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The Higgins Hotel, located at 469 West Birch Street in Glenrock, WY has welcomed visitors for over 100 years.  And since it's inception, visitors regularly encounter one of the three resident ghosts that haunt its halls.  From a former housekeeper, to the wife of a former owner, to man seen in photos on the walls but further association with the hotel is not really known.  All three ghosts have been known to haunt residents and visitors to the hotel on a semi-regular basis.

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The Wonder Bar, located at 279 South Center Street in Casper, WY was recently purchased by a pair of business partners in Casper.  But were they warned about the paranormal activity there?  Former employees and multiple others have witnessed strange happenings and sounds throughout the building.  From basement lights flickering on and off to a ghost that passes up and down the stairwell at night, the Wonder Bar has been long seen as haunted.  There are rooms and other parts of the business that many former employees refuse to enter alone.

Have you had a paranormal experience at either of these establishments?  If so, please feel free to share your experience in a comment below.

But we want to know your opinion - Which Place do you believe is More Haunted??  Answer our poll question and we will reveal the answers on Halloween.