Anytime I am traveling or just driving around, I like to take a look at the street names. It can say a lot about the town. Sometimes it is the name of an important business person of the town. Street names can also be inspired by industry or history. Sometimes street names are just listing off types of trees like Poplar, Ash, and Cherry. Or the road that runs across campus is called College Drive. We looked around the greater Casper area and bring you the strangest road names and the history behind the names.

  • Poison Spider Road

    The road was named after the Poison Spider Creek next to the road. The legend is inconsistent on how the creek was named. One story goes a sheep herder was looking to repair some clothes and tried to use a spider web. The spider did not like it and bit him. He then died. Another version was the creek water was poisonous to sheep and cattle. Either way, I’m going to take my next picnic somewhere else.

  • CY Ave

    CY Avenue is named after the ranch of the same name. At one point in its history, the ranch worked over 40,000 cattle. Next time you are driving down CY Ave just imagine you’re riding alongside cattle and cowboys of yesteryear.

  • Trigood Street

    The nickname Oil City rings true in the streets of Casper. Trigood is an oil company operated out of Casper.

  • Socony Place

    This is another street named after the oil and gas industry. Socony-Vacuum Oil Company is now part of ExxonMobil.

  • Washakie Street

    Chief Washakie was a chief of the Shoshone tribe. He was known to be a great hunter, politician, and leader.

  • Okeepa Rd

    Okeepa (or O-Kee-pa) is a Native American ceremony. It is a ritual where after fasting and rigors dancing, warriors are suspended with hooks in their chest and hung above the ground.

  • Bryan Stock Trail

    John P. Bryan was homesteader and brick maker here in Casper. He worked the trial that later took his name grazing his livestock and gathering supplies.