Depending on who you ask or which station you happen to turn to, Dr. Dre may become Hip-Hop's first official billionaire. This would be dependent on Apple purchasing Beats Electronics for a cool $3.2 billion. Dre has made his millions thus far from being a rap artist, producer and the at one point, the co-owner of Death Row Records.

In addition to the big payday, both Dre and  Jimmy Iovine (the co-owner of Beats Electronics and co-founder of Interscope Records) would most likely be looking at some form of an executive role in the Apple hierarchy. Speculations have been going both ways though... good and bad, with business analysts stating their claims. Some think this may be in response to the brand new Beats Music, which is a subscription-based online music streaming service that would no doubt further hamper iTunes music sales.

Regardless of speculations at this point, the latest rumor is Apple planning to unveil Dre and Iovine as execs at their June conference. Time will tell, but it looks like it's a go. Early congratulations appear to be in order for both Jimmy and Dre!!!

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