We already know that will.i.am loves Rio de Janeiro, based on all the time he spent in the city promoting the film ‘Rio’ and his soundtrack contribution, ‘Hot Wings.’ Now will has taken the next step and gone to Rio to film his latest music video, ‘Great Times.’

In the clip, the singer celebrates the great times in his world and pretty much makes us all jealous of his life. He stands atop a mountain overlooking the entire city, cruises down the highway in a convertible with a bikini-clad lady at his side, and sees his face projected onto the sides of skyscrapers.

will.i.am mans the turntable at the city’s hottest club. Hundreds of party-goers dance the night away as he sings about his perfect club experience: “I’mma rock out, hell yeah / Get the party poppin,’ keep it rockin’ up in here / I be in the party with my hands in the air / I go out and party like I just don’t care / Put your drinks up let’s make a toast up in here / We gon’ do it big, do it most up in here / I just want to chill with sexy mamas up in here / Don’t want no drama up in here / Let’s get ready yeah.”

The champagne starts flowing as the club banger reaches its peak and finally comes to a close. And this is all just a single day in will.i.am’s life!

‘Great Times’ will appear on his next album, ‘#willpower,’ along with his last single, the Jennifer Lopez and Mick Jagger collaboration ‘T.H.E. (The Hardest Ever).’

Watch the will.i.am ‘Great Times’ Video