Wiz is living the 'high' life, so to speak with the success of his debut album 'Rolling Papers'. With a new solo album on the way, he is also expecting his first child with his finance: model, recording artist and ex-flame of Kanye West, Amber Rose. The couple has been together for roughly about a year and a half. Their much publicized relationship is a much needed and rare occasion in Hip-Hop. Most of todays lyricists are more worried about how many women they can have at once vice the thought of true love.
Wiz, born Cameron Jibril Thomaz, has expressed his love for Amber and his thoughts about not conforming to the stereotypes in the music industry. Amber has done the same, all the while combating the speculations of her being a gold-digger (pun intended) after her break-up with Mr. West. She is currently in her 2nd trimester. She stated smells make her sick very easily. When asked how that works being around a known weed smoker, she replied: 'He (Wiz) would never ever smoke in front of me'.
The couple hasn't set a date yet on the wedding but they are planning on doing the courthouse thing first and having a large ceremony after the baby is born so their child can be in the actual wedding. Wiz and Amber also have been very tight-lipped on the sex of the baby. So I guess we'll just have to wait out the next three months with the rest of the world.
It sure is nice to see true love in the music industry.

Have you seen Wiz Khalifa's 'No Sleep' video? Check it out and see if you can spot his finance, Ms Rose all in the background.