It's too cold.

It's too hot.

Too windy.

No humidity.

Too humid.

The list goes on of the days in Wyoming we DO NOT like.

The lady who put this video together NAILS it.

There are only a few nice days out of the year.

Yet, somehow, those one or two nice days seem to make up for all the crappy ones and we end up not wanting to leave this state.

So maybe we can say that those two nice days are REALLY NICE!

Regional Wyoming weatherman Don Day has said many times that no matter what the weather is doing there is somebody out there that's going to complain about it.

We pray for rain, then when we finally get it we complain that it's raining and we gripe about how much we hate rainy days.

We complain when we have a mild winter because we need more snowpack to maintain our water system.

But when we finally get the snow we need, we complain about all the snow.

One of the nice things about living in Wyoming is that old joke: Don't like the weather, wait five minutes."

That's really true this spring.

So, don't worry, you'll get that nice weather at some point, almost every day.

You just need to be outside when it happens.

Better get back inside before it changes to something else you don't like.

Wyoming: where you have to carry a coat and maybe a snow shovel in your vehicle in the middle of summer.

Got to love it.

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