QUICK! Where did you put the last WyoLotto ticket you bought?

Someone in Wyoming has won a lot of money and the clock is ticking on claiming it.

You're looking for a Cowboy Draw ticket. The winning ticket was sold at a Casper, Wyoming Loaf N' Jug.

Jon Clontz, WyoLotto CEO, called me on Thursday morning to let all of Wyoming know that the largest-ever Wyoming lottery winner has yet to have claimed their money!

Good plan Jon. Just call Wake Up Wyoming, most of the state is listening.

So someone won $3,564,000 dollars.

Allow me to drive that point home.


But NOBODY has turned in the ticket!


They have no idea that they are now RICH!

The ticket is a Cowboy Draw sold on April 17th in Casper, Wyoming.

From the date of the drawing, the winner has 180 days to find the ticket and turn it in.

That's somewhere in October to find it.


You must have the ticket.

You cannot show a picture of the ticket.

You better sign that ticket as soon as you find it.

Mr. Clontz told me that someone once had a winning ticket sitting on the dash of their pickup truck for a very long time before they checked their numbers.

So, who knows where that winning ticket is?

If you find that YOU have it, and by the way that makes me your new best friend, you'll have to go to the lottery office in Cheyenne to collect your winnings.

Afraid you live too far away and your car won't survive the trip?

Don't worry, just buy a new car while you're there.

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