According to a press release by the Wyoming Department of Education (WDE), the state's 2022 graduating class had an average ACT composite score of 19.2 based on data from the ACT's website.

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Deputy Superintendent Chad Auer said in the release:

"We are very proud of Wyoming’s class of 2022,'' Auer said. "This group of students, along with their teachers and parents, battled through a lot of adversity during their high school careers. Their perseverance and determination are commendable. As a state, we clearly have a lot to be proud of, and we have more work to do. I have no doubt that Wyoming’s outstanding professional educators will continue their long tradition of using data such as ACT scores to inform instruction."

The average composite score for Wyoming students was below the regional score of 20.1 and below the national score of 19.8.

For English, math, reading, and science, Wyoming's average score was also below the regional and national numbers, with reading at the lowest at 18.1.

Wyoming was below the national average for the percentage of students that met the benchmark for each of the four categories and for meeting all four.

The lowest was for the percent meeting the math benchmark at 27%, compared to the national average of 31%, while the highest was for reading at 49%, compared to the national average of 53%, and only 17% met all four benchmarks.

Wyoming's and the national average were the lowest benchmark percent since at least 2013, with Wyoming's highest percent for reading and math both in 2015 at 60% and 36% respectively.

The ACT is graded from one to 36, with 66% of Wyoming students scoring above a 16, meaning they qualified for the lowest level of a Hathaway Scholarship, while 16% of Wyoming students scored above 24 and qualified for the highest level of a Hathaway Scholarship.

All 11th-grade students are required to take the ACT in Wyoming and it is one of only six states that have participation results for 100% of graduating seniors.

The other states with a 100% participation rate include Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, Nevada, and Tennessee.

Wyoming’s ACT graduating class data is based on students’ results from their last test taken before graduation.

According to the release, the WDE, as part of the pandemic recovery effort, is offering senior retakes of the ACT in the fall of this school year and next school year for free.

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