Bold, whimsical, vibrant, striking, and joyful.

These are all words that come to my mind when I look at Wyoming artist Bria Hammock's work.

After a 15 year break from creating art, Hammock picked up her brush again and began to create work inspired by the Wyoming life she saw daily.

Her background in graphic design can clearly be seen in the bold brush strokes and unconventional color combinations in her art. Her images pop off the canvas and draw you in, the longer you look, the more you appreciate her unique view of Wyoming's wildlife.

And now, her beautiful artwork can be seen bolder and brighter than ever, spread across a Cheyenne building located at 18th and Bent.

Bria Hammock via Instagram
Bria Hammock via Instagram

The mural is titled "Of Fur + Feather" and is 3,000 square feet. Hammock completed the entire project in one week.

Hammock worked from sunup to sundown, and as someone who has only painted walls in my house (which I found strenuous enough), I can't imagine how intense this project was.

Thankfully she took the time to document her process so we could get a glimpse of the effort that was behind it.

Hammock currently has her art exhibited across the western Front Range and works out of her west edge studio in Cheyenne, WY.

You can find more of her work or contact her by following this link to her website.

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