The petroleum industry is struggling here in the Cowboy State, but there's one Wyoming baker that recently struck oil.

Last year, Cheyenne based caterer Finishing Touches By Liz created a buzz on social media, unveiling a fully functional Rubik's Cube cake.

Photo Courtesy of Finishing Touches By Liz

Her latest creation might be even better. She was recently asked to make a custom birthday cake for a man who has spent years working in the oil industry.

After designing an oil rig that would sit on top of a square cake sheet, Liz had a crazy idea. What if, she could find a way to make the rig strike oil?

With some help from her husband, she ran a small plastic tube from the bottom of the cake and engineered it to produce a bubbling crude of chocolate sauce.

What will she come up with next? According to Liz, her goal this year is to create a dragon cake that can actually breathe fire. Can't wait to see that.

Striking OilI struck oil....I mean chocolate, with this cake! This wonderful design was made for my Grandpa in-law. I think he liked it, and everyone at his party seemed to enjoy the effects! Hopefully you will too! ;)

Posted by Finishing Touches By Liz on Monday, January 11, 2016