I have often wondered why we are so dang patriotic in Wyoming. We practically bleed red, white and blue. I think I have found a statistic that may explain a little bit about why this is. It's a ranking that shows Wyoming has a higher percentage of residents who were born in America than just about any other state.

First, a disclaimer. I am NOT anti-immigrant. Truth is almost all of our families came here from Europe at some point in the past. In my opinion, legal immigration is a very good thing.

This just in: people can't control where they are born and it's unfair to hold their origin against them.

With that being said, there was an interesting study that Business Insider shared a couple years ago. It shows the percentage of residents in each state that were born outside of the U.S.

Business Insider

Even though no one will mistake me for a math genius, you can do the reverse math and compute that this map means a whopping 96.5% of Wyomingites were born in America. Only Mississippi, Montana, South Dakota, Maine and West Virginia have a higher percentage of American-born citizens.

While this ranking isn't brand new, it is based on relatively new census data and Business Insider has been around the block a time or two.

We recently shared the news that Wyoming has again been ranked one of the most patriotic states in America. Pride in where you were born probably has a lot to do with that in my opinion.

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