High winds, heavy snowfall and blowing and drifting snow have created whiteout conditions in north central and eastern Wyoming creating hazardous conditions for motorists.

According to the Wyoming Highway Patrol, dispatchers have been contacted by a number of stranded motorists stranded along Interstate 25 north of Casper, on US 85 north of Lusk and WYO 387 between Wright and Midwest.

Troopers and WYDOT personnel attempting to rescue stranded motorists are encountering snow drifts approximately 4 feet high on some highways. Snow plows are becoming stuck in the deep heavy snow.

Troopers accompanied by Sheriff Deputies in four-wheel drive vehicles and WYDOT snow plows have been unable to reach some motorists for over eight hours, however, are still attempting to reach them.

Rescued motorists in the Midwest area are being transported to a church in that town for shelter.

Troopers say stranded motorists should stay with their vehicles and not try to walk for help. Travelers should also shelter in towns rather than stop and park on the roadway at a road closed gate.

If you become stranded in your vehicle on the highway, Troopers suggest leaving a dome light on inside the vehicle, making sure your exhaust remains unclogged from built up snow and cracking a window slightly for fresh air.