We've all heard the woe's with the nations economy and every state in the union has been dealing with budget issues.  But some states are managing the area within their boarders much better than others.

24/7 Wall Street has put out their list of the best and worst run states in the country.  The good news is that when it comes to comparing ourselves to other states, Wyoming ranks among the best run states in the nation.

Considering that each state has different populations, social and economic issues and difficulties, along with resources that vary from state to state.  24/7 Wall St. factored in poverty and unemployment rates, economic and population growth, tax collections, state expenditures and state rainy day funds, in addition to ranking each states overall well being to create their list.

Wyoming ranks as the 4th best run state in the nation according to their review.  With the 7th lowest debit per capita, 13 lowest unemployment rate at 4.2%, 10th lowest poverty rate in the country at 11.1% and Wyoming as a AAA credit rating.

Here are the top 5 best run states in the nation.

1 - North Dakota, 2 - Minnesota, 3 - Nebraska, 4 - Wyoming, 5 - Utah

The 5 worst run states in the country are:

50 - New Mexico, 49 - Illinois, 48 - Rhode Island, 47 - Mississippi, 46 - Alabama