With our low tax rate, Wyoming is seeing more and more people retiring and moving to the Cowboy State.

Kiplinger.com has released it's list of most and least tax friendly states and Wyoming ranks among the best in the nation.

Seniors coming to Wyoming receive more tax breaks than any other state in the union with the exception of Alaska.  The Kiplinger study took into account things like Social Security, pensions and other retirement incomes, property, daily purchases and the estate.

The Kiplinger Tax Map show Wyoming as the #2 friendliest Tax state for those retiring and thinking about retirement.

Here are the top 10 and bottom 10 tax states in the country.

Top 10 in order - 1-Alaska, 2-Wyoming, 3-Nevada, 4-Mississippi, 5-South Dakota, 6-Florida, 7-Georgia, 8-Delaware, 9-Louisiana and 10-Tennessee.

Bottom 10 in order - 51-Vermont, 50-Connecticut, 49-Minnesota, 48-Oregon, 47-Montana, 46-California, 45-Nebraska, 44-New Jersey, 43-New York, 42-Utah

To see the entire map - Click Here

Source: Kiplinger