For the record, what they are doing has nothing to do with killer science fiction robots.

I just wanted an excuse to put in some videos like that.

Wyoming's Powell High School robotics team is going to the Worlds Robotic Tournament.

That means a trip to Houston Texas this April.

The team won first place in an competition in Caper Wyoming, Feb. 19th.

Teams are judged based on the aesthetics, performance design, programming and community outreach.

“It was really good. Actually, it was nice the Wyoming competition was a lot better than in the past,” robotics coach Joel Hayano said. “So there were quite a few teams down there that could score, which hasn’t always happened in the past. The teams around us are getting a lot better, it pushes us to have to be better.” (Powel Tribune Interview).

They call themselves Rapid Unscheduled Disassembly. That's quite a name.

Sophomore Alan Crawford attributes their win to lots of testing.

“I’m done because I’m a senior, but the rest of the team can start working for next year if they want, there’s stuff to be improved,” said senior Daniel Merritt of 3188, also known as Squiggle Splat Bang. “They can start on our drive train and other things that aren’t going to change from this year to next year.” (Powel Tribune Interview).

The travel to Houston will cost about $16,000 and the team will be responsible for raising roughly $10,000.

The team is currently trying to raise the money to go.

VEX Robotics is a robotics program for elementary through university students, and a subset of Innovation First International. The VEX Robotics competitions and programs are managed by the Robotics Education and Competition Foundation. VEX Robotics Competition was named the largest robotics competition in the world by Guinness World Records. (WIKIPEDIA).

Wyoming's Wild Chinese Balloon Theories - Wrong Answers Only

With balloons from China floating overhead, and our military shooting them down right above us, everybody has been wondering, 'Just what are those balloons for?

Spy balloons?
Just weather balloons?
Are they trying to steal our satellite TV?
Are they listing to our cell phone calls?

On the Wake Up Wyoming morning show with Glenn Woods folks were invited to offer up their theories.


Here are the best we got.

Best Chinese Balloon Memes

The best we could find shared across the internet.
Lets enjoy them now that that big white dot in the sky has been blown to smithereens.

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