There is a photo of a map that sprouted up online showcasing the most popular, best selling music artists from each state. In other words, artists BORN in particular states that have achieved stardom.

However, when you take a close look at the map, you'll notice that Wyoming have been completely neglected!

The map is based on the top 250 artists listed by the Recording Industry Association of America . . . so not every state is represented.

Here are the results:


Alabama: Alabama


Arizona: Linda Ronstadt


Arkansas: Johnny Cash


California: Metallica


Delaware: George Thorogood


Florida: Tom Petty


Georgia: Alan Jackson


Hawaii: Bette Midler


Illinois: R. Kelly


Indiana: Michael Jackson


Iowa: Andy Williams


Kansas: Martina McBride


Kentucky: John Michael Montgomery


Louisiana: Tim McGraw


Maryland: Toni Braxton


Massachusetts: New Kids on the Block


Michigan: Madonna


Minnesota: Prince


Mississippi: Elvis Presley


Missouri: Sheryl Crow


New Jersey: Bruce Springsteen


New Mexico: John Denver


New York: Billy Joel


North Carolina: Randy Travis


Ohio: Rascal Flatts


Oklahoma: Garth Brooks


Pennsylvania: Boyz II Men


Tennessee: Kenny Chesney


Texas: Kenny Rogers


Utah: Jewel


Virginia: Dave Matthews


Washington: Kenny G


West Virginia: Michael W. Smith


Wisconsin: Steve Miller

The states that were NOT represented on the map are: Alaska, Colorado, Connecticut, Idaho, Maine, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Carolina South Dakota, Vermont and Wyoming.

Why? Could it be that our "stars" simply didn't generate enough sales to garner the honors? Perhaps, but still...we believe that there are many acts in our state that deserve a nod, sales or no sales.

So, let's help fill in the rest of this list? Who, in your opinion, still deserves to be included on this list regardless of if they didn't make the grade with record purchases. Comment below with musical acts that deserve to represent our slice of America.