It's time once again for our monthly roundup of lonely singles (and creepy married guys) trolling for love online. Here's the best Missed Connections from the month of December, courtesy of the Wyoming Craigslist page.

1. Raven Haired Dog Walker in Laramie

You walk your smaller black dog where I am able to see you on campus almost every day. It is not quite every day, but I do get to see you most days, and when I am extremely lucky, it is more than once. We have made eye contact more than once, but we have not had the opportunity to talk. You are absolutely stunning, and the smile I have seen makes my heart skip a beat! Having a chance to talk to you would be incredible, and seems like a pipe-dream, but a guy can dream, can't he??

If you think you are the most amazing looking dog walker with a heart-stopping smile, and would like to chat, shoot me a message and we can see what happens from there! If you don't want to chat, just know that there is someone out there that thinks you are incredibly attractive!

2. Customer Service at the Family Dollar in Rawlins

I saw you earlier today when I came in to Family Dollar looking for something you didn't have. I thought you were beautiful. Then, when I was following you around the store as we were looking for it, you raised your arms above your head as if you were stretching, your shirt lifted up a bit and I saw your back and the tattoo on your lower back, my breath caught in my throat. Then when I was leaving, we made a long eye contact and I feel we had a connection. If you see this and you are interested please tell what kind of grey hat I was wearing, and what I was in there looking for. I really want to get to know you.

3. Girl in the Santa Hat at the Rawlins Wal-Mart

I have seen you a couple times. Then today I gathered enough courage to talk to you. But you were busy so I walked around and came back and you were gone. You work at the Rawlins WalMart. You were standing next to the self check out. You have black hair and was wearing a Santa hat. I was wearing a brown beanie and a black coat. If you remember me or  are interested, please email me. If anyone knows this person please tell her about this post.

4. Looking For an Older Woman in Gillette

Are you a woman that would like a man to give you more attention and show you that you mean more than anything else? Are you a woman that loves your husband but is not entirely happy at home the way things are?? If so let's talk!! THANKS

5. Married Guy with a Wandering Eye in Rock Springs

Yesterday at Smith's, we had eye contact and smiles multiple times throughout the store. You were there with your kids and I was there with my wife. If you read this let me know what you we wearing.

So concludes another thrilling episode of Wyoming's best Missed Connections. Join us again next month when we meet another batch of desperate dudes seeking companionship online.