Just a few miles northeast of Lovell, Wyoming, lies one of the deadliest, and most historically significant caves in America.

Natural Trap Cave is a sinkhole at the base of the Bighorn Mountains. Just 12 feet wide at the top, its deceptive appearance has conquered many unsuspecting animals who fell to their death in the cavernous pit 85 feet below.

Since it was first explored in 1970, archaeologists have discovered thousands of fossilized remains from animal species dating all the way back to the Ice Age, including bears, cheetahs, lions, bison, wolves, sheep and ancient mammoths.

Although the site is not open to the public, it remains a popular research site for scientists from all over the world.

Fortunately, if you ever happen upon it, you won't run the risk of falling into Wyoming's deadliest cave. For decades, the cave's elusive entrance has been covered by a safety grate .