When it comes to hot sauces, everyone has one or two favorites that they love!   We went on a very unscientific search to find out which one Wyoming loves the most!

The flavor of any dish can be given some punch by adding your favorite pepper sauce.  But not all hot sauces are alike. So we asked - Which hot sauce is your favorite?

The results were close and by a slim margin Cholula Hot Sauce claimed the top spot over Franks Red Hot Original Cayenne Pepper Sauce.  Cholula got 33% of the votes while Frank's got 27%.

The remaining hot sauces in our poll garnered only 10% or less of the votes and I'll list them in the order they placed.  Third place was Huy Fong Sriracha Sauce tied with Tobasco Pepper Sauce.  Fifth place was Tapatio Salsa Hot Sauce with all the others getting only 1 vote each.

There is still time to give us your opinion.  Take our poll and let us know your favorite 1 or 2 hot sauces from the list or add in your favorite brand.

Thanks to everyone who cast a vote for their favorite and we hope we've given you a few new brands to try at your next meal.

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