Supporting local and statewide business has always been a staple in the Cowboy State. With that in mind, a good friend gifted me some delicious food stuffs purchased at a farmer's market, that included some spicy Wyoming-made hot sauce and oyster crackers.

The company is called Hot Tamn's and they make everything from seasonings, to honey, to a variety of snacks. Not being a farmer's market type of guy, I was thrilled to find out they also have have a website.

Hot Tamn's is based out of Torrington, Wyoming. Their mission statement reads:

Bringing you the best and freshest hot sauces, seasoning, snacks and candy in the world! Made in Wyoming goodness!

Hot Ass Sauce - Wyoming Made Hot Sauce
Hot Tamn's via

If you put hot sauce on everything (like I do), I would suggest starting with their "Hot Ass Sauce", which features a cute, anthropomorphic donkey (or ass, if you will) on the bottle. It has a little spicy kick to it, but not so powerful that you go running for the milk. If you're all about the extreme hotness level, Hot Tamn's has plenty of other warmer variants.

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Click here to visit the official Hot Tamm's website to see their complete list of products, as well all the statewide vendors that carry their products.

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