A national real estate website published a list this week naming the "The Lewdest Sounding Town Name in Each State".

Their choice for Wyoming's lewdest sounding city was Goshen Hole.

Although it definitely sounds lewd, Goshen Hole isn't technically a town; it's a valley. And its name was actually inspired by a holy place.

Goshen Hole was first named by travellers on the Oregon Trail in the 1840s. Most historians believe it was named after the biblical land of Goshen in Egypt, which appears in the book of Genesis.

Goshen Hole made its first appearance on a map in 1888. In 1911, the valley was officially renamed Goshen County

While, technically, there is no town named Goshen Hole, there are several towns in the Goshen Hole area, including Torrington, Fort Laramie, La Grange, Lingle, Yoder, Hawk Springs, Huntley, Veteran and Jay Em.