Each state has their own claim to fame, but what makes Wyoming unique?

There is a saying I'm sure we have all heard at some point in our lives, that everything is bigger in Texas. Well, that's not always the case and Estately is out to prove it! In fact, according to their research, each state is home to something that is bigger than any other state.

It could be a food, a gathering, and ailment or even a collection.

The real estate website dug through countless Guinness World Records, to discover what the largest in each state. While Wyoming's list may not have been as long as other states, it sure did have unique results. Whether you have lived in the Cowboy State your entire life or just moved here, I think you will find these surprising.

According to their research, Wyoming is home to the largest swing dance, concentration of geysers and hydrothermal explosion crater.  Combine all three of these things and I'm sure we would have a record on our hands that is absolutely untouchable! You can see the rest of the map and list here.

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