Do have a holiday season story about Yellowstone National Park? If you do, Yellowstone’s oral history project wants to hear it.

Holidays in the park:

“Well for the third year in a row now, Yellowstone National Park is actually seeking input from current and present, former employees, visitors, anybody who’s visited the park over the last few years, or even maybe 20 or 30 years, to share their memories of holidays in Yellowstone with our oral history project.”

Yellowstone Spokesman Dan Hottle says the holiday memories of the park will be considered for the park’s permanent Oral History Collection. Hottle says they’re working with StoryCorps, which archives oral history essays, and many of which are aired on National Public Radio.


“For those interested in submitting an oral history, anecdote, story, you can contact the oral historian at Yellowstone. Her name is Charissa Reid, and her e-mail is Charissa, c-h-a-r-i-s-s-a, underscore Reid, r-e-i-d, at, or call her at (307)344-2260.”

Spokesman Hottle says people with a Yellowstone holiday story will need to talk about their particular recording technology with the historian, and they’ll figure out the technological issues of compiling them after they hear what they have, but these stories are reviving the art of a spoken story, so they want recordings. That number again is (307)344-2260 and you’ll be talking to Charissa Reid.