There are a lot of stories of encounters and ghosts. Do you believe in ghosts? Well right in our own backyard there is a vast area full of mystery and folklore. Yellowstone National Park has quite a few tales of ghostly beings.

According to 'Spooky Yellowstone Tales of Hauntings, Strange Happenings and Other Local LoreYellowstone National Park Ghost Stories retold by S. E. Schlosser"

There was a group of people partying on Stevenson's Island on Yellowstone Lake. A park worker was radioed to check on them. There is an old steamboat that people like to see and use as a party site. I guess there were some people fighting on it as well. The man found beer bottles and evidence of people there but no bodies or no one actually there. So he has to venture farther down, The excerpt readStevenson’s Island was 1.3 miles long, and I was going to have to check the whole darn thing, just in case some of the drunks had gone exploring last night. With a sigh, I headed out in a basic search pattern.

By Mid-morning the man found nothing and thought he may be on a wild goose chase. But then as a wind gusted he saw a wave churn and what looked like a body. someone had fallen from the boat last night and hit his head!  My hands felt cold and clammy as I fumbled with the radio at my belt. I had to call this in! But when I spoke into the radio, it only returned static.

The Story continues from American Folklore:

     I dropped to my knees beside the body; noticing that the sodden clothing was old-fashioned, dating from long before 1900. The drowned man looked rather like a fur trapper or explorer from the era when Yellowstone was first discovered. I checked his neck for a pulse. There was no pulse. I turned the body over and stared into a pair of bulging brown eyes on a blue-white face.

   And then I guess the guy took one breath and the body vanished completely !

     Spooked by the incident, I unmoored the official park boat and leapt in, glad to get away from Stevenson Island. Folks said that Lake Yellowstone never gave up its dead. Apparently, neither did the island. I turned my craft and headed back to the main land and (hopefully) sanity. No more ghosts for me!

That is the story of the drowned man off of Stevenson Island in Yellowstone National Park.