Don't get me wrong, you really should NOT lie on your resume. However, if you really have might be able to get away with it!

According to a new study, only one in three businesses don't even worry about doing background checks or even look into your past history. So basically, you are in the clear to get away with a small fib from time to time.

Certain fields they rarely do research on is your educational background and if you are truly as certified in a certain field as you say you are.

We also learned that 1/3rd of people knew someone told an outright dishonest statement and yet still landed a gig.

Keep in mind though, if you do get busted lying you won't get the job. And if you do end up with the job and they found out later down the line, you could get the boot almost immediately.

Also, remember the whole karma thing. That could come back and bite you in the end as well.