Looks like Katy Perry has something else in common with her erstwhile doppelganger.

In some sad but not surprising news, Zooey Deschanel has filed for divorce from Ben Gibbard, her husband of two years. The filing was made Dec. 27, with the official date of separation listed as Oct. 31, 2011. While the divorce is unfortunate, it shed some light on Deschanel’s fortunes.

The pair married in 2009 and have no children, and, at least in Deschanel’s case, no debt. According to TMZ, Deschanel’s attorney attached her income and expense declaration. Per the paperwork, Zooey earns about $95,000 a month (the bulk is likely from her starring role in Fox’s ‘New Girl’), with her expenses averaging about $22,550 every month and she has three credit cards, each with a zero balance. The report even tells how Deschanel spends her cash: $1,500 to charity (go girl!), $1,000 monthly on groceries, $500 on dining out, $800 for utilities, $300 for phones and Internet, and $600 on laundry. The bulk on Deschanel’s dollars go to clothes — the quirky fashionista reports approximately $2,000 a month goes toward her wardrobe.

By all accounts, the split has been pretty drama-free. Sources claimed the break up to be mutual and amicable, and Deschanel appeared in good spirits following the separation announcement. Indie darling Deschanel’s star is rising to following her small screen and She & Him success, while Gibbard’s band Death Cab for Cutie released ‘Codes and Keys’ in 2011.

It sounds like each half of this former duo has more than enough going on to keep themselves occupied while they move forward. We wish both parties the best. Hopefully their heartache will inspire some good music!

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