The music is world is filled with a lot of the same ole same, so whenever I come across a song with a good positive message, I always like to share. Thus is the case with San Francisco's own, Bateen Idol a.k.a. Young Haitti and his song 'Better Than That', which is an ode to his late mother whom he lost to cancer.

The song takes you on a ride as Bateen narrates a story of loss and how he overcame drug and alcohol abuse. The hook is just as emotional with singing from R&B crooner Peezy as he states:

"This life's been stressful, I just wanted be successful... because my mama raised me better than that".

Having almost lost my mother myself to breast cancer and losing my father to Leukemia, it's a great change to hear this type of song, especially in the often iced-out, champagne-sipping, hundred thousand dollar car driving Hip-Hop music of today. Keep mashing out the hits Bateen!!!