It's on between Beyonce -- the Queen -- and perennially big-mouthed former Oasis member Liam Gallagher. Turns out Gallagher sort of challenged Bey to an "arse off."

Bey and Gallagher's post-Oasis band Beady Eye are playing the V Festival across the pond. When asked how he felt about sharing a stage with Bey, rather than launch into a torrent of insults, as he has been known to do, even against his brother and former bandmate Noel, Gallagher was quick to demonstrate his love for Bey.

He said, "My arse is going to f--- her arse!" He meant such a comment in jest, as he stood up and shook his bootay and recreated Bey's famed 'Single Ladies' dance.

Okay, maybe the normally crankypants Gallagher is a closet Bey fan, since, really, how can you not be?

He also said, "Whatever time she comes on I am going to stop singing and get my binoculars out!"

Perhaps he will do so in order to get a look at her famous tush? Or to enjoy the performance? It could go either way.