I have a huge fondness for local commercials. Sure, they don't have the big budget Pepsi has to have big name celebrities promoting their drinks and the production value isn't all that great. That's what makes them fun and unique, Someone pointed this one out to me and I had to share it. You're about the witness the worst acting and plot from any 30 second clip. It's Eagleman!

This, apparently, came from Chicago which makes me laugh because you'd think Chicago would have more of a budget to hire two ladies that look like my librarian and a better costume than what looks like they borrowed from a street advertiser. Still, gotta love it.

If I lived in Chicago, I probably wouldn't trust them enough to buy from them. If this is the quality they put into their work, it's probably the quality of service I'd get - unless I was getting service from a guy dressed in that Eagle costume, then I'd consider it.