Have you ever looked at Kim Kardashian and thought, "There's something about that girl, but I just can't put my finger on it?" Well, get ready to place that finger firmly on the only possible answer. Kim Kardashian is an alien.

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    Consumption of Alien Refreshments

    Okay, I don't know what this crazy green goo is, but there is no possible way that it is healthy... for humans.

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    Adornment of Alien Armor

    I know what you're saying, "Come on, everyone's wearing armor these days." No. No, they're not. There is only one reason to be sporting bullet-proof shoulder pads. Alien.

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    Possession of Alien Hand Grenades

    I can't really tell what is going on in this picture. Kim is either getting ready to hurl this shiny orb of death at some unsuspecting passerby or she is simply displaying it as a threat. Either way, I think it is clearly a violation of some NATO weapons treaty.

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    Fake Consumption of Earth News

    An obvious oversight by Kim's alien research team. Someone should probably tell her that humans don't ready newspapers.

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    Use of Obsolete Communication Devices

    Presumably, she has just been caught changing into her person suit. No big deal in and of itself... but again, what would make her think that doing so in a telephone booth would be believable? No one uses telephone booths. Next time, hide behind an iPhone.

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    Bowling with Inappropriate Footwear

    I can only assume that she chose not to wear proper footwear because it would have meant removing her entire foot - which can be pretty embarrassing in front of strangers. No big deal, Kim... but next time, might I suggest that you politely turn down the offer of a few frames?

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    This example was actually the inspiration for this list. Being a subsidiary of Google, YouTube has access to the world's largest knowledge database. Clearly, using the most complex classification algorithms known to man, YouTube has stumbled onto something that Kim would have preferred to keep under wraps.

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    Preparation of Alien Clone Army

    Clone army. Need I say more?

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    Not the First Cardassian...

    Now you will all be let in on a little secret that up until now was shared by only those super-fans known as "Trekkies" or "Trekkers." Kim is not the first alien to be known as "Kardashian." Or should I say, "Cardassian?" The cell phone is a prime example of life imitating Star Trek. Obviously it is not the only example. I suppose that she thought it would be enough to change the spelling. Kim - next time, go with Clinghaun.

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    Alien Booty

    Admit it, you were all thinking it. Some things just can't be hidden under a human suit. This must be one... er... two of them.