I would argue most UFO sightings are nothing more than space junk or aircraft we don't immediately understand. However, there was a UFO encounter in Wyoming this year that defies that explanation. A witness saw a bright object that suddenly shot straight up into the sky.

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According to the National UFO Reporting Center, this close encounter of the Wyoming kind was reported in March of 2022 and occurred back in January between Rawlins and Wamsutter. Here's the eyewitness testimony word-for-word which they said lasted around 30 seconds:

Saw dome shaped green light shoot straight up into the heavens...Was driving westbound on I-80 between Rawlins WY and Wamsutter WY approximately mile marker 185. Looking into the western sky I saw a fairly large dome shaped green light appear in the western sky, within seconds it shot straight up into the heavens.

Well, that's unusual. Let's dig deeper into this. If you're familiar with that part of Wyoming, you know that driving westbound from Rawlins to Wamsutter takes about 35 minutes give or take a few.

Google Maps Satellite View
Google Maps Satellite View

It's open country on the highway there. Not many (if any) other light sources that could explain what this person saw. Other than the stars, it's just you and the highway in that part of Wyoming. To me, that adds an additional level of credibility to this report. Space junk entering the atmosphere does not shoot upwards. Same can be said of meteors. Whatever this person saw defies what we currently know about aircraft.

This doesn't mean it was E.T. It's just behavior in the sky that we can't define right now. Truly a close encounter of the Wyoming kind.

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