is a fun website full of fascinating facts about the Cowboy State. Last week, they published an article titled "12 Words You Will Only Understand If You're From Wyoming."

Here's a few terms you may have heard, or used, before:

Buckle Bunny - Women who are attracted to rodeo cowboys are often referred to as "buckle bunnies."

10 Miles of Dirt - If you wake up with a hangover, someone might say you look like "10 miles of dirt."

Barking Squirrel - Have you ever heard prairie dogs communicating with each other? Here in Wyoming, we call them "barking squirrels."

Rocky Mountain Canary - If you see a donkey or a burro, you're looking at a "Rocky Mountain Canary."

Gully Washer - Wyoming is well known for wild weather. Severe thunderstorms are sometimes called "gully washers."

Biscuit - You won't find a breakfast diner anywhere in Wyoming that doesn't serve biscuits and gravy. However, this word is also used to describe a saddle horn.

How many Wyoming words do you know? Check out the full list here.