Today is the first Friday the 13th of the year. Before 2012 is over, we will have to survive three of them. Does this sound like bad, scary news? Maybe it shouldn’t. According to world-renowned psychic — and author of 94 books — Cassandra Eason, the day normally associated with bad luck and superstition should actually be a day associated with good luck and positivity — especially for women. “Black Friday has a totally unfair reputation for being unlucky,” Eason said. “There is no doubt Friday the 13th is a very powerful day, but a lot of the bad things that happen on the day happen because we subconsciously want them too.”

The day is special because of the Norse god Freyja, who was actually associated with love, beauty and fertility. It’s a different story for guys, she says. The “jittery energy” in the air makes it a good day to avoid doing anything too risky. “It’s probably not the best day to take up skydiving,” she said. (

Friday the 13th. It doesn’t scare me, heck I own a black cat, but some folks freak at the thought of a Friday falling on the 13th of the month. Why?? Well here’s a rundown of some things you should know about this “unlucky” day:

  • 13 is considered unlucky because 12 is the number that symbolizes completeness. There are 12 months in a year … 12 hours on a clock. 13 is just past that, which disturbs some people. – So by this same logic shouldn’t the 25th be just as disturbing? I mean come on, 24 can symbolize completeness too! 24 hours in a day, 24 beers in a case…
  • Four of the 12 Friday the 13th movies were released on a Friday the 13th. – DUH!
  • Some 17 to 21 million people are afraid of Friday the 13th. (The condition is called friggatriskaidekaphobia.)
  • Approximately $800 to $900 million is said to be lost each Friday the 13th, because of people who fear to transact business, or even get out of bed. – Can you believe some geek actually crunched a bunch of numbers to come up with this figure?
  • Friday the 13th can occur no less than once a year, and no more than three times a year. Before 2012, the last triple-header years were 1984 and 1998. – I thought this was the most interesting fact of them all!
  • On average, there is a Friday the 13th once every 212 days. (

Is today your birthday? Will the fact that today is Friday change any of your plans?