With the (in)famous day upon us, we thought it would be appropriate to reflect on the career of a certain hockey-masked, machete-wielding killer who goes by the name of Jason Vorhees. He's had a long shelf-life- 32 years to be exact. But he still has a place in all of our hearts. This is why we decided to celebrate this Friday The 13th with Jason's Top Five Moments. Enjoy.

#5- Jason's First Appearance

When people think of the Friday the 13th movies, they tend to forget that in the original, Jason wasn't even the killer! He was barely even featured. But, when he finally made his appearance, he made a huge impact. The end of Friday the 13th is iconic. It's forever ingrained in the minds' of theater-goers. And we all have Jason to thank for that.

#4- An Eye For An Eye, Or A Throat For A Throat

*Spoiler Alert*

Jason's mom was the killer in the original Friday the 13th. She blamed the camp counselors for her child's death, even though it happened like, 20 years ago.  So she took retribution on the counselors of Camp Crystal Lake, until one lucky survivor beheaded Pamela Vorhees with her own machete. It was a happy ending, for the most part. Cut to two years later.The survivor of the original is in her house, minding her own business. All of a sudden...

#3-Jason Goes To Hell

Friday the 13th has fathered many sequels. At the end of Part 9(!), Jason is dragged to hell, seemingly to pay for his sins. At the closing moment of the film, his iconic hockey mask is collecting dirt. As the melodic, um, melody plays in the background, a hand reaches up from the depths of hell,  and takes the mask with it. Who did that hand belong to you ask? None other than Mr. Fred Krueger.  It was the most exciting end to a Friday the 13th movie yet, and it set the stage for the ultimate battle of the unstoppable force VS the immovable object. A battle that we would have to wait ten more years to get.

#2- Evil Gets An Upgrade

That was the tagline for Jason X. It was the tenth Friday the 13th movie, and it was universally panned by critics and fans of the series alike, because in this movie, Jason goes to space. Yes, space. A hokey idea, and a fairly hokey movie, yet it gave way to one of my favorite scenes in the entire series. Jason gets his ass handed to him by a robot(don't ask),  and appears to finally be dead. Little did the little space cadets know, Jason never dies. Not only did he NOT die, he got fully rebuilt and repackaged into "Uber-Jason." I don't even care. It was awesome.

#1- Jason Kills Freddy

Ever since A Nightmare On Elm Street came out in 1984, people were forever asking the question of who would win in a battle between Hollywood's top two monsters. Well, 20 years later we would finally find out. Freddy VS. Jason hit theatres and finally put to rest the eternal debate of Freddy or Jason. Well, sort of. Nobody actually one, but Jason did beat the crap out of Freddy for most of the movie, which have to have been sweet vindication for the big guy.

And those are the top 5 moments of Jason. If you're looking for something fun to do this Friday the 13th, I would suggest renting all 12 movies(that includes the remake) and playing a drinking game. Every time Jason kills someone, chug a beer. Every time someone utters the line "I think Jason's dead," take a shot. Every time you see a naked girl, take a shot. Every time Jason's mask comes off,  take a shot. Follow those simple rules, and you probably won't wake up until the NEXT Friday the 13th.