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Friday The 13th- Jason’s Top 5 Moments [VIDEO]
With the (in)famous day upon us, we thought it would be appropriate to reflect on the career of a certain hockey-masked, machete-wielding killer who goes by the name of Jason Vorhees. He's had a long shelf-life- 32 years to be exact. But he still has a place in all of our hearts. This is why we decided to celebrate this Friday The 13th with Jason's Top Five Moments. Enjoy.
They’re Coming To Get You- Our Top 5 Zombie Movies of All Time
Halloween is approaching, and if there is one thing that is synonymous with "all hallows eve," it's our friends, the Zombie. Now, Zombies go back 70 years or so. Zombie movies were being made before George Romero was even born. With that being said, no one adopted, maintained, and defined the Zombie genre like Mr. Romero. His movies are the movies that come to mind when people think of Z
Top 5 Horror Movies Of All Time
Last month, our intern wrote up a Fall 2011 Horror Movie Preview, and while his "street cred" definitely took a hit by actually being excited for universal bombs like "Apollo 18" and "Red State," he still managed to make some good points regarding "Shark Night 3D" and "Paranormal Activity 3." With that said, and with Halloween just around the corne