Patents allow for a beer that also has marijuana, from Dude's Brews of Aurora, CO.

The above video, and this link, can tell just about everything you want to know, but here are the five biggest facts about “General Washington’s Secret Stash."

  1. It’s an IPA, chosen because hops taste like weed and weed tastes like hops. (The name was chosen because George Washington also grew weed.)
  2. Yes, there's hemp beer out there, but this is made with pure cannabis sativa stalk and stem. It is, however, THC-free.
  3. Because Dude's Brews has federal permission from the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau, it can be sold legally in all 50 states. Otherwise, that can’t be said of any weed product.
  4. Most of the alcohol industry seems opposed to legal weed that may put a dent in booze sales, but "Dude," unafraid, created a market for both.
  5. General Washington's Secret Stash isn't in stores yet – note keyword yet. Also no date to expect it has been announced - yet.

Maybe many from our border state are thinking, “Two birds in one stone? Cool!” Maybe some are thinking just the same in our own Cowboy State, “Exactly!”