Wyoming is the nations best kept secret. The majority of the country thinks nothing is here. Jokes on them. In a lot of ways we should just keep it that way. Forget about all of the wildlife. Forget about the trout filled streams and lakes. Forget about Old Faithful. Nothing is here.

Those of us who live here know that is not true. I wasn’t born here. Wyoming brought me here. I’d be a fool not to realize the abundance of perfection in the Cowboy State. Here are just a few ways the rest of the USA should be jealous of Wyoming.

  • People Are Friendly

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    The other day I was going to the grocery store. A random guy was giving high fives to everyone he passed. I was walking down the hall of the hospital and a stranger smiled and said hello. Sometimes this is easy to take for granted. I happened to travel to Orlando for some R&R. My wife and I noticed if you smiled at someone, they would run away. Like if they smiled back they would end up in a bathtub full of ice missing a kidney. Wyomingites have to be one of the nicest people in the country.

  • Great Taxes (or lack there of)

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    Wyoming has no state tax. There are always financial publications talking about how Wyoming is the best place to retire. That it is one of the best places in the US to own and run a business. The biggest factor in those stories is the lack of taxes for the people of Wyoming.

  • Less People

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    Shorter lines and less traffic are great benefits of living in Wyoming. Plus it’s more of a quality than quantity type of thing. There are plenty of wide open spaces in areas that are out of cell phone service. Great places to escape or work for that matter. The biggest exception is Yellowstone. That place is a mad house in the summer time.

  • Fresh Air - Thanks to the Wind

    Bill Schwamle, Townsquare Medai

    There is one great thing about the wind. It keeps our air fresh and clean. Wyoming has fresh and clean air. There is even a company bottling and selling Craft Wyoming Air.

  • Our Presidential Vote Counts More Per Capita

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    The electoral college is one of the best things for Wyoming in US politics. Take two things into consideration. One that we are the least populous state with over half a million people. Two we have 3 electoral votes for the presidential elections. Although California has 55 votes, that is divided between nearly 40 million people. Per capita our vote has more power than any other state.