Being single at Valentine's Day can be a daunting reminder of how the dating life sucks!  But it can also be a time that you get to celebrate your freedom, especially if you're loving singledom!

Being single on Valentine's Day is really no big deal and there are lots of things you can do on your own and for yourself on the upcoming 'lover's holiday'.

Here are just a couple of ideas and we hope these will spark your imagination and creativity - for yourself of course.

1 - Give Yourself a Break! Valentine's Day or not, everyone deserves a little break from the day to day grind.  So why not play hooky from work or school?  Take a day off and spend it doing something you love to do!  Even if that something is napping in front of the TV or binge watching your favorite TV series. Simply take a mid-week break from the daily routine and put off the 'To Do' list for one whole day!

2 -  Pamper yourself! Two Words - SPA DAY!! Single or not, you should consider getting yourself a 'Spa Treatment' as a gift for Valentine's Day! Who wouldn't love a soak in a hot tub, followed by a massage and having someone wait on you hand and foot?  Don't have a friend available to go with you?  Then you might consider taking your pet along and getting your pooch pampered as well. (But I'd ask the spa first! lol)

3 - Buy yourself a gift! Single and loving it - it's your money, why not spend a little of it on yourself? Maybe buy yourself something you were wanting to get - like some new clothes, boots, etc.?  Or maybe it's time to upgrade your ride and get yourself that newer vehicle? Just remember to be responsible and don't run up a bunch of debit for no reason. But treat yourself and live a little!

4 - Try Something New - This is a good time of year to try something you've never tried before.  Maybe challenge yourself to a new potential hobby?  Maybe try cooking a new dish you've seen online?  Or take yourself and an available friend or two to a restaurant you've never tried before?  Or a new restaurant or maybe retry one you haven't been too in years?

5 - Plan Your Own Event or Party - Do you have a group of single friends that are wondering what to do for Valentine's Day?  Invite them over and throw a party!  Or maybe you could all take a painting class, attend a wine tasting, or just grab a movie, whatever the choice make it a positive experience.

What can singles do to have fun without the stigma of being out on the town on your own (without a date) this Valentine's Day?  The truth is - Anything you want!!  Just remember to love who you are and never let anything get in the way of that.  Happy Valentine's Day!!

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