Valentine's Day is often thought of as the "women's holiday". Yet and still, every year, many women do their best to find the perfect gift for their significant others. Well look no further. This is the perfect gift for your Wyoming man (and in some cases, like-minded, food loving women). Enter, Meathearts.

Meathearts are heart-shaped beef jerky with little messages on them. So basically candy hearts, but with meat! Brilliant! They are made by an online company aptly named, Manly Man Co.

A recent video posted to the official Manly Man Co Facebook page says they'll only be around for a limited time. The caption states:

Mini laser-etched beef jerky hearts, are now available for a limited time! ❤️
Once these sell out they're gone until next year so get them while you can!
* & , 2
Carnivores can now enjoy packs of mini laser-etched beef jerky hearts, laser engraved with romantic themed sayings such as “Beef Mine®.” Each beef Jerky Valentine's Day heart is made in the USA at The Manly Man Company's Southern California headquarters.
• Net Weight 1 oz. (approximately 21 pieces)
• Laser-Etched Heart Shapes
• Laser-Engraved Slogans
• Slogans: Beef Mine®, Meat Me, XOXO, Kiss Me, You + Me, Love

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I was initially feed an add for these on Instagram and all I could think of was how perfect of a gift idea this was, and not just for Valentine's Day.

As a carnivore and lover of all things jerky, I've just been wondering why I had never heard of this prior to this year. This idea is genius!

It is worth noting, that as of today (Wednesday, February 9th, 2022), the Meathearts are currently on backorder due to the holiday demand, until at least the day after Valentine's Day, Manly Man Co still has a lot of other meat-themed items ready to ship to you loved ones.

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